148_Page 146New.York. Sunday. 14.th. Novemer. 1841.

A lovely indian summer day; but rain in the evening. We were surprised by a visit from the Dr. This morning he came only to spend the day. I did not venture out, as the streets were damp. Garret, the Dr, Sis and Louis went up to Church. The children both returned home before service was over, placing their sensitive father, in a most awkward delemma; as he of course was obliged to bring him out. My appetite is most excellent since my cold, and my skin clear, and rosy. It is now eleven days since I have been within doors; and an indescribable dread makes me fearfull of going out to.day. Tried my new flannel, think it will suit, altho it falls rather bungling. Added oysters, and pie to our usual Sunday dinner of cold beef, out of respect to our guest Dr Hasbrouck. He left us at five, I read the last chapters of Genesis with notes. The children unruly to.day I have not strength yet to put them in order. Julie sadly neglects her studies, her religious knowledge decreases sadly. Louis, does not attempt to learn yet. Mr H, went…149_Page 147

out to walk, but a heavy shower some sent him home. To.day he put on his new dandy coat, which I call a John Bull* concern. I dressed to day, the first in ten days.
John Bull-a national personificatoin of Great Britian in general and England in particular.  He is usually depicted as a stout, middle –aged man, often wearing a union flag middle waist coat.