149_Page 147New.York. 525. Gren. Monday. 15.teenth. November. 1841.

Beautifull, mild morning, a few flying clouds. we all jumped up bright, this morning. I felt uncommonly well, Garret thinks himself a first rate Dr., good both in “health, and sickness”. Simon performed his duties first rate, to quote his own words; we shall find him a great comfort in our family. I commenced my housekeeping duties this morning., The morning was so fair, I dressed myself in ex- pectation of company, but dark clouds some over- spread all in gloom, so I sat down to my work. At one oclock, mother and C. came in to sit an hour. I treated them to apples. They are both well. Garret, complemented me on my looks to.day, says I do not look more than sixteen, and uncommonly pretty. My face is entirely clear of imperfections at present, I wish it would last so all winter. The afternoon was gusty and clouds flying in all directions, but the evening was clear, and cold. Ann Shannely, introduced me to her beau, he is not very good looking…

I presented Cath a scarlet silk cravat for the neck. We did not retire untill near eleven. Mr H. complain Ing of cold in his head, Our Port wine, all gone, quite a loss to us, I drink it for bitters.