150_Page 148525, Greenwich St. New. York. Tuesday. 16. teenth. November. 1841.

A clouded morning; which blew over a gust and terminated at last in a fine clear cold day. I feel quite well, but my chest is still delicate. Sometimes a slight pain, and sometimes a soreness, warns me to be carefull. The children all went to walk, Remsen’s cold seems much better. I looked over my sweetmeats and pickles; they are both troublesome unhealthy articles. The preserves were all fermenting, while the pickles were eating them- selves up, in consequence of too _____ vinegar. Margarets peaches are very poor, and the grape Jelly miserable. Maria, came in at one oclock, she took dinner with us. Our house is a very convenient stopping place. Edgar Hasbrouck, took tea and staid all night. Garret, still complaining of his cold. We went to bed at eleven oclock, the evening was very cold, but clear.