151_Page 149Greenwich Street New York. Wednesday. 17. teenth. November. 1841.

A blustery, cold day, clear as crystal. We all concluded the past night colder than any one previous. Edgar took breakfast with us. I put pantalets on Remsen, he was delighted and began dancing the Spanish dance. Mr H. brought me some fine __ean for his pantaloons, which I soon cut up. Dr. Lawrence [Samuel Sterry Lawrence, Julia’s brother], wife, and sons; paid me a visit. The boys are fine handsome children. At one I dressed to walk out, took a glass of wine to strengthen me. Went to Broadway, and up to Prince Street, so around home. Enjoyed the exercise, my first walk in near two weeks. Felt a little fatigued on arriveing at home, the streets gay, and amusing. Garret, did not get home untill we had finished our dinner. Cold corn beef did not suit his fastedious palate; altho yesterday he thought it fine. Sent a silk apron to the dress maker to gather. Have eaten too much dinner, my appetite excellent. Made a pair of pantalets for Remsen. Mr Laird, staid all night with us. Garret, drank four glasses cold water, and eat [sic] four large apples to cure his cold. I sat up untill eleven, to wash myself in hot water, do not get an opportunity in the day. It is too expensive to keep a fire up stairs, as I should never sit there, the rooms are so dark and gloomy.