154_Page 152Greenwich St. New York. Saturday. 20th November. 1841.

The storm still continues and rain fell during the night. Clouds heavy and dark. I slept soundly all night, awoke by the bell, this morning. Edgar took breakfast with us. Mr Clarke detained Garret, last night talking about the sale of this house and store, he wants it too cheap. The rain has stained our nursery ceiling for the first time. It has poured all day in torrents, keeping all gad- abouts at home, although not belonging to this fraternity I feel quite anxious to breathe some pure air. Reading and sewing are rather sleepy employments, unvaried by exercise. A load of wood to day. Garret, spent his evening with me to night, he has been very busy all the week, has a bad cold in his head. I went to bed at ten, left him calculating some accounts, which he did not finish until eleven.