155_Page 153New York. Monday. 22 nd November. 1841.

A dark rainy day, showers very heavy and so dark as to render lights almost nesassary [sic]. Commenced with “Buckwheat Cakes” to day. Garret has some inducement now to get up in the morning. he loves cakes too well to let them spoil. Julie’s tatstes resembles her fathers in all things, in the eating line. Simon, and I cleaned the parlours, he is rather slow, but neat. Louis has a very bad cold, he went to bed two hours this morning, his skin is feverish, eyes inflamed, and head stuffed. Julie has a slight cold in her head. Every one seems afflicted with colds this season; all in our house have taken their turn. I have been sewing steadily all the morning on the childrens old dresses mending them up. Read all the evening, the descriptions of ancient cities from the “Pictorial Illustrations of the Bible.”* Julie read me a chapter from the bible. Laid in our potatoes to day.