156_Page 154Wednesday. 24the November. 1841.

A beautifull, mild day. Julie, and I, set out at twelve oclock for a walk, she is not very well at present, and seems averse to long walks. We called on Mrs Dr Smith, who is enciente [sic]*. Walked in Broadway to see the fashions. A general turn out this fine day, a great display of beauty, and fashion. On our return we called on Mrs Pell, and were surprised to find her with a baby two weeks old. Met Mrs Varick, from Jersey City, and Mrs D. Remsen. The former made some unpleasant remarks, about our inattention. Mr H., in the auction room all the morning, very much fatigued at dinner to [sic] much so to eat. Remsen, had a narrow escape, Louis haveing run a stick in the lid of his eye; it disfigures him very much. Garret, has forbidden the boys all sticks and “Tomahawks”…157_Page 155
I romped with “Sis” an hour after dinner, she was so full of mischief she could not keep still. Sewed, and read in the evening. Mr Clarke came up to look at the house, Mr H. took him in every corner, fortunately I am such a neat housekeeper every thing is in its place. Mr Clarke, likes it very much, and wonders [we can think of moveing.] He does not remeber [sic] it is the way of the world to change; we are comfortable and happy, but Garret, thinks it more advantageous for him to be down town. I went to bed at eleven, G., sat up late talking with “Mr Clarke”.
*Enceinte; pregnant