159_Page 157New York Sunday. 28th November. 1841.

A pleasant morning, damp afternoon , which terminated in regular, a snow storm at sun set. I went to Church in the morning with Garret, we were much pleased, with a stranger who occupied our pulpit. His text, were the words of David, “ I am satisfied when I shall awake in the likeness of God”. The solemn unassume- ing manner of the young preacher, and the deeply interesting matter of his discourse, riveted the earnest attention of all his audience. The congregation has diminished very much since Dr Van Vankin left, and the pews are really desolate We did not go out again, I spent my afternoon instructing Louis, and “Sis”. Garret, took two long walks, but did not go to Church. The children are all effected with colds, but not severe.