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164_Page 162New. York. Monday. 6.th. December. 1841

A day of dark clouds, but no rain. We were all awake at three oclock in the morning, Benjamin by mistake got up too soon, and made a great noise. At six, Garret arose and had breakfast, to take an early start for the “Long Island Farms.” I did not get up untill my usual hour, it was too cold for my muse. I dressed to make a visit to Isabella, Dave came in with a note which put a stop to my arrangements. It was to state they all intended to honour me this evening with their company. I went down Broadway, to order some Cake, 50cts. worth returned home and made all preparations for my guests. Felt much fatigues with a long walk. Garret and Benjamin, returned at dinner hour, with a small Boy, and a little girl from the “poor house”. At four he left for M [Marbletown] I wrapped the little girl in a warm shawl. She was a smart little creature. Garret, thinks her a beauty. We both felt much sympathy for the homeless children, and they wished to remain with us...165_Page 163
At six oclock, Mrs Vradenburg, C. and Maria came in, after tea hour, as we usually have that meal early on account of the children Ferdinand, and Bell, came in still later, we all sat down to tea without Garret, who was not in the store. He came in a few moments after. Henry, Eugene, and Dave, dropped in after tea. I purchased a pair of shoes for Louis, to day. Mr Miller sent in his Bill.