165_Page 163New. York. Tuesday. 7th. December. 1841.

A beautifull winters day, not very cold. I was delighted to see a bright sun shine once more. Employed myself some shirts of Flannel for Louis. Mrs [Manner], came in to ask for work, I gave her a “Comfortable” to make for Julie’s bed. She appears thankfull for any emplyment. Abraham Varick, made us a call, he is a noble looking creature. I sent all our children to walk, their colds seem better. Walked out myself to Broadway, found it very pleasant. Garret went with me part of the way. I stopped at Mrs Rhode’s, she was not at home. Felt fatigued returning home, a pain in my bones, & back. Mr Clarke, came again to view our house, he does not know what to decide upon. Julie, sat with me untill near nine oclock eating raisins, and almonds. bought, nothing to day, but four pipes for the children to make “Blubbers” a favourite amusement for them.