166_Page 164New. York. Greenwich. Wednesday. 8th. December. 1841.
A beautifull, bright sun shine, but cold. I did not feel very bright this morning altho’ the day was so beautifull. Engaged myself untill one oclock, writeing and sewing. A Card of admittance to Mr Schoolcrafts Lecture was politely sent us. Julie, Remsen & Bridge, walked out. Louis, went with me to Broadway, we found it charming for the season, and everyone takeing advantage of the fine day. I bought three pieces of music, 18 pence. Ribbon, and Muslin for my apron 10 pence. Sent for six shillings , from the Store. The frame for our picture, the “Count Ugalino” arrived at four oclock, it did not suit exactly and could not be finished. Mr Hasbrouck, went to Kingston this afternoon, on business with Mr [Trumpour] , a merchant. He left while the picture was being framed; and gave me only three kisses for good-bye. I went to the Tabernacle with “Asa Snyder”, he was a fine little bean. The concourse was immense, but the Lecture deficient in interest, not being well delivered. ___ S. read every word, in a monotonous voice, without gesture, or even lifting his eyes from the manuscript. He is undoubtedly a scholar, and good writer, but no [orator]. I waited in vain for those bursts of eloquence, and the native majesty of speech so characteristic of our “Indian warriors.” The red man of the forest” might certainly have been presented in a more exciteing style, and aroused more sympathizeining cords in the bosom of the white men, had the Lecture tipped his arrows, with energy and soul. I caught a glance of Maria. C. Henry & Eugene, but the rush prevented our meeting. We rode home. I sat untill eleven in the parlour, the Boys had a terrible debateing society in the Store, their voices fell rather unharmonious on my dreary ears. Julie slept with me.