167_Page 165New. York. Greenwich St. Thursday. 9th. December. 1841.
Thanksgiving day.
Mild, overcast with every indications of rain, it commenced this morning. The sun gleams forth occasionally. I slept so. so, without my other half, Julie, is a cold little frog, and not better company than a moschetoe [sic], in bed. A loud ring at the bell awoke me early, it was a sweep for the kitchen chimney. I went back to bed, but was too cold to sleep, did not jump when the bell rang, laid snug untill eight. Wet pavements, and a raining sky, prevented my going to Church,– But my heart was full of gratitude to God, the giver of all good things in this life and the reward of the just hereafter. The sweet psalmist of Israel” has pourtrayed the outpourings of a gratefull spirit in his beautifull effusions and in his out-bursts of enthusiasm, and love, we may all bless, and adore our “Heavenly Father”. I have uttered them this morning in the solitude of my own heart, hopeing through a saviours mediation they may attain the heights of _____ God. The early years of my life were less happy, than those of later days, perhaps my spirits were more turbulent, and my desires more numerous. In the retrospection of my married life the current has been more smooth, and the waters less troubled. Now, a spirit of thankfulness pervades every thought, and I frequently contemplate the countless blessings, which crown my days. Then it was not so, it is true impressions of piety were ingrafted [sic] in my earliest youth, but there was no submission, no tranquility, and no peace, all was confusion, vanity without, and vexation within. Youth is called the beautifull season of life, but circumstances may darken all its pleasures. I thank my God for every blessing he permits a sinfull being, such as I am, to enjoy, and earnestly intreat [entreat] for those spirited gifts, without which, this world has nothing to compensate, as the body must return to dust, and the spirit to God, who gave it…Severin Hasbrouck called in to see me, he wished to get in the store. I invited him to take tea with us, he did not accept. Julie, and I slept together.