167_page-165New. York. Friday. 10th. December. 1841.

A pleasant day at intervals, slight showers in the afternoon. Julie, awoke me from my mornings nap, by exclaiming “Father, Father” and sure enough on opening my eyes, Garret presented himself. He had just arrived, and felt cold haveing slept ill on the Steam Boat, we all welcomed him home once more. Good luck did not attend his jaunt. Mr T. was not Trumps. At eleven Sis, and I sent out for Chelsea, it was damp but mild. She sat untill dinner hour, mother has not been well, her face is swelled with Erysipelas*, she appears quite pale. The ear. ache affects her sadly. A shower sent us home. Henry lent me The Count of France, an interesting work by “General Cass”, our minister to France. The history of Louis Phillipe, the present king is singularly traced out, showing an overruling power above all other powers. My afternoon and evening was spent in reading it. Mr Laid, slept here to. night. Rain all the evening. Our picture was framed to.day, it looks beautifull. Garret, admires it daily, the frame cost, 35$. and sawing it off 1.$ My Mosiac pin, the gift of my grandmother, was found behind the picture, I was delighted to get it once more. Garret, had it on his breast, to surprise me on my return from mothers. It was a little injured from the weight of the picture. ———————————————

*Erysipelas; Erysipelas is a superficial infection of the skin, which typically involves the lymphatic system. Erysipelas is also known as St. Anthony’s Fire, an accurate description of the intensity of this rash. Erysipelas was a feared disease in pre-antibiotic days, especially in infants.