169_Page 167Sunday. 12th. December. 1841.

Mild, clear and delightfull. We did not jump when the bell rang, but slept untill eight, a bad practice to indulge in. We went to Church, and heard “Dr [Milledollar]”, he gave us a beautifull sermon on the “knowledge of Christ”. From the text, where St. Paul, counts all worldly things as naught , compared with the possession of Christ. The children walked out with Simon. I did not go out again, altho’ my wishes prompted me to go in the afternoon, but G. did not feel inclined to escort me. Garret, went to hear Mr Lily in the evening, his doctrine was strange, attempting to prove from Scripture that “Abraham would one day inherit this earth, which finally would be Heaven, according to the promise of God. Mr H. liked…170_Page 168his discourse, and we had quite an argument on his return. I do not think his interpretation of the promise correct. Julie, went reluctantly to bed, while I took a bath, my chances are so few, as I am liable to interuptions [sic] constantly, that I snatch every safe hour.