170_Page 168New. York. Monday. 13th. December. 1841. Beautifull morning, but excessively damp at noon. I dressed early to spend the day with Bell, but a little business, and the change of weather prevented me. Maria H. sent me one dollar, to purchase her some lace, to go up with Mr Wood. Garret, went with me to Mr Lamberts, to get it, he sent her a piece, 12 yards. 3 shillings 6 pence. I went to pay Mr Millers bill, he had not made it out correct, did not settle it. Bought a book for Louis, to learn his letters, he is not at all “Litherary [sic]”. Stopped at Whiteings to see him about my Boots. Went up Broadway for a walk, met Mr Halstead, on my way home stepped in to see “Deborah”, she was out, as usual. Congratulated a bride in the street, “Emily” Ferris, that was, she is an interesting woman. Came home fatigued, sat down to my work, the children came in from a walk. Mr and Mrs Clarke, came in the dusk of the afternoon to look over our house. Garret, and I showed them in every part, they both seemed pleased with the excursion. My good housekeeping shone conspicuously, as not a chair was out of its appointed place. Mrs C. pleases me most, she is unpolished, or at least rather abrupt. I read an account of Louis Phillippe for Garret, while he was shaving. his discourse, and we had quite an argument on his return. I do not [think] his interpretation of the promise correct. Julie, went reluctantly to bed, while I took a bath, my chances are so few, as I am liable to interuptions [sic] constantly, that I snatch every safe hour.