171_Page 169New. York. Tuesday. 14. December. 1841.

Raining in torrents, but a summers sky at noon. We were kept wake through the night, by the pelting of the pitiless storm. The rain dashed in torrents on our windows, and Garret and myself both thought of the poor mariners, tossed in the stormy ocean; even Julie exclaimed in the middle of the night, Oh what a storm”. The morning was very dark, but the clouds passed off and the sun shone out so bright and clear, that at midday the side walks were dry. The air was as bland as a May day; and Broadway was filled with ladies, dressed in spring costume. Julie, went with me for a promenade, and looked sweetly, we had a chat with Mrs Purdy in the street. Our walk gave us a good appetite for our dinner, beef. steak is the favorite dish with Mr H. and his “we ones”. I paid Mr Millers, shoe Bill this morning, returned a pair of ties, which did not suit me. Garret, thinks the children wear out too many shoes. Remsen, spent this afternoon with me, while Bridget took Louis, and Julie to walk. I attempted to sew but his monkey tricks, prevented me. The afternoon was quite damp, I felt too weak to walk, but thought of it seriously. Have been learning for the last two days, a new March from Norma, and a waltz of Herty. Dislike to practice knowing every note is heard below. Simon, washed the nursery windows this morning. I made a new ruffle, with edgeing for Louis. Was obliged to put him out of the parlour, he is an unruly boy, when in a passion. His father spoke seriously to him at the tea table; he is afraid of his punishment because he says he is strong.