172_Page 170New. York. Green, St. Wednesday. 15. teenth December. 1841.

Mild atmosphere, but damp, and unseasonable. We arose at our usual hour, and after getting through the duties of the morning; which I must confess are very light a walk presented itself to my mind. Julie, had not finished her lessons, but we set off early, to arrive at Aunt “Bells”, before she could get out. We found on comeing to our journeys end, that the bird had flown, so after sitting an hour at her window, we jumped in a stage and rode up to Houston Street. Called on Mrs Purdy, Halstead, & Rhodes, they were all out. Bought some cake on our way home to pacify “Sis”, who thinks people should stay at home when she honours them with a visit. Mother, and Henry were awaiting our return, they sat untill dinner hour. Mother looks pale, complains of her head, and of heat, she does not use exercise enough. She went to see Mrs Pell, but did not find even her domestic as she is, at home. The fine weather attracts all to the promenades. Catharine, sent me a flannel shirt for Louis, and a book called “Transplanted Flowers.”* This little work written by “Robert Baird”, gives an interesting account of four ladies, remarkably for their religious, and literary requirements. Mrs Rump, Miss Astor that was the Dutchess de Broglie, daughter of Madame de Stael, and two other ladies, remarkable for their zealous promotion of Christian associations in Paris. They were indeed shining lights, set upon high places, but were all cut off in the flower of their days. Mrs Bloodgood sent her bill, I went up and paid her 10$. 40 cts. Walked all the afternoon, my face looking rough and heated, no comfort yet. Garret, has sold our house to Mr Clarke. Carpets on the parlour floors, oil cloths, stair carpets, rods, [fenders], rug, fore irons, for the sum of “eight thousand dollars.”
*Baird, Robert. Transplanted flowers, or memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq. and the Duchess de Broglie, daughter of Madame de Stael. New York: John S. Taylor. First copyright, 1839.