173_Page 171New. York. Green, St. Thursday. 16. teenth December. 1841.

Dark, and raining incessantly all day, air mild as spring. I set myself down this morning to do a thousand nameless odds and ends, patching, darning, and finishing off work. Mrs [Meriner], brought home Julie[s] quilt, I paid her one dollar. Taught Louis and Julia, their lessons. Louis is not fond of his book, but Julie loves it dearly. The day passed off heavily, as the storm, prevented us from exercising in the open air. My time flies away fast, my quietest wish is to spend it in a usefull manner. We are accountable to our Creator for every moment of our existence, and should strive to live to his glory. The world demands much of our attention, but not all, there are moments of contriction [sic], of penitence, and prayer, devoted to our Father in Heaven, who listens to the faintest sigh, which these seasons of retirement call forth, We should make it our happiest privilege to pour out our souls to God, he never chides, or upbraids us, but gently soothes our sorrows, and heals our wounds. The delightfull calm of these hours, are such as the world cannot give, and the greatest sum of earthly happiness, is insufficient to fill the aspirations of an “Immortal Soul”. Garret, brought up his account books in the evening, we sat around our quiet fire.side, both employed. The storm rageing fearfully without.