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175_Page 173New. York. Greenwich St. Saturday. 18. teenth December. 1841.

Clear sky, but very cold, a glare of ice. I was engaged all the morning in house hold affairs. Louis, said his lessons very well, to.day, I think he improves. Received a pair of brown gaiter Boots, lined with canton flannel paid, for them 3.$.50cts. Sent in the store for the money. Mr H. came in at dinner, had been looking at a house on Varick Street. The price 13.000 dollars. I walked to Broadway, and up to prince St. after dinner. Garret, went with me, to keep me from falling. The streets were a glaze of ice, and the air extremely cold. My hand, and nose, “suffered home”. The exercise gave me a fine glow, and made me feel ten percent better. Our evening was spent as usual around a fine lively fire, with, books, and newspapers to amuse the quiet hours. Ann made some gingerbread to.day.