176_Page 174525 Greenwich Street New. York. Monday. 20. th December. 1841.

More moderate, with a sky full of Snow, and occasionally, a gleam of sun shine to flatter us. We did not breakfast untill eight oclock. Mr H. and the milk.man are both a little lazy. I slept rather cold, the changes are so rapid, we feel them more sensibly. Could not muster up resolution to take a pill, untill last night, altho’ I require it weekly. The effects were not painfull. Children are well, anxiously anticipating the approval of Christmas. The “holidays” always steal on us imperceptibly, and the flight of another year startles us by its reality. A return spective [sic] view of “1841”. presents to my mind a quick procession of happy days,-health, peace, and plenty have been our portion, and God has been more mercifull to us than we have been to ourselves. Ripped apart my lilac silk dress, to prepare it for a quilted shirt. Maria L. came in, she has had a cold, looks pale and thin as usual. They are all complaining at home, partly from habit, and partly from colds. Mrs Grey spent an hour with us, her eyes are quite sore, she finds it hard to diet, so do I. Maria, eat dinner with us, invited us to spend Christmas in nineteenth Street. Julie, accidently slammed the door on Remsen, it did not hurt him much. Commenced snowing again to night, I did not venture out, the streets were so damp. The mild air, and sun shine almost tempted me, but my company prevented me. Sent Louis coat to have new sleeves put on. We did not get to bed untill eleven. Garret, has so many apples to dispose off, and then two glasses port to wash it down.