177_Page 175New. York.
Tuesday. 21. st. December. 1841.
A snow storm, regular and old fashioned, the air mild and pleasant. It is our duty to submit to all weather without murmuring, but a walk would have been pleasant to day. My sedentary habits do not agree with my health, or complexion. Sewed up my blue muslin shirt this morning. [Heard] Julie, her lessons. amused myself reading, and sewing. “Cartago, ” the oldest city in Central America has been entirely destroyed by an earth quake. The shock was so sudden, the inhabitants had had scarcely time to leave their dwellings, and the numbers of lives lost are still unknown. San Jose, a small village in the neighbourhood was injured also. Mr Stephens, in his travels gives a description of these places, and also of a visit he made in company with a Mr Lawrence to the summit of the volcanic mountain, which stands near Cartago. From its highest point; he had a dis- tinct view of both oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific. Its height is estimated at eleven thousand feet from the base. An eruption has not occurred within memory so that the unfortunate sufferers, were wholly unsuspecious [sic] of the danger which was hanging over them. This country so full of volcanoes, is not a desirable residence, although the climate possesses some charms. I felt very stupid all the evening, put my feet in hot water. The friend I have been looking for does not arrive, she is so punctual, the reason for a change is not obvious. Garret, spent his evening with me, reading for my edification the news. paper. This evening, is bright star light, and very cold, the most serene weather we have felt, so far.
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