179_Page 177New. York.
Thursday. 23. d  December. 1841.
Dark and gloomy, rain at hand, quite moderate. We did not arise untill eight oclock. Julie came up to shame us out of bed. After breakfast, Garret, took Louis, and myself to purchase some articles. The streets were lively, and slays [sic] running although the damp air warns us of rain. The walking was good as the snow is still frozen stiff. I attempted to get shoes for the children, could not find any to suit. Garret, presented me two pair mitts, Julie, one pair. The amount of three pair 13. shillings. Stopped at Mrs Painters, paid her four shillings for cake. Had Louis measured in Broadway, at the Tailors, for a suit of clothes. Black velvet coat, and cloth pants. I stopped in at Andersons, for some fringe. Bought four yards shirred. 1 yd. pink satin ribbon, one small comb. 65 cts. It commenced raining, so I ran home. Garret, gave me one dollar. We all sat around our dinner table with good appetites, mine was almost too keen. The rain fell in torrents all the afternoon mixed with snow, our back parlour is so dark after three oclock, I put up my work untill candle light.