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180_Page 178 New. York. Friday. 24. th. December. 1841.
A mild, clear day, streets rather damp. I went out in pursuit of shoes again, could not find any for Sis, got a pair at Millers for Remsen. Came home through Broadway, met one person, he did not see me. Prepared the childrens clothes for Christmas. Sent Bridget with a note to “nineteenth St.” they were all well, and expecting us to.morrow. The children’s toys came home to.night. I felt very weak, and faint after tea, drank a glass of port wine, and eat four crackers. thes[e] revived me. Garret, said I did not look much like a “merry Christmas”, he thought I had the “blues”, but it was a bodily weakness. We went to bed early. The river is closed with ice, as far as Newberg, some days the steamboats can proceed farther, but many appointments do not occur. Mr H. has some of his north river customers down. Dr Hasbrouck, has not kept his word, he promised to spend the holidays with us. Cold weather has frightened him off.