183_Page 181New. York. Wednesday. 29th December 1841. A mild day like spring. No remains of the snow of yesterday. I prepared for a walk but was prevented by a visit from Henry, and David. At one I went up to the dress makers with a dress of Julie’s to be lengthened. Sent for my cakes, they were not finished. The air is damp, and heavy to.night, but the moon shines… 184_Page 182
brightly around us. I sat down after dinner to trim my dress, but found my fringe too dark. It was a sad choice for me, and cost six shillings. Mended Julie’s pantalets in the evening, she is a sad _____ ______, such a romp. Garret, took a plate of oysters, and read some in our new magazine. I had the “blues”, this does not appear like the holidays to me, as I have neither given, or received any pres- ents. The desire for an independence always [intercedes] itself on such occasions, I think I am destined to be a cheerfull giver, one of these days.