New. York. Greenwich Street.

Journal commencing on Saturday.

Saturday. 1.st. of January. “1842”.

Mild and clear, the most beautifull day
I ever remember on this occasion.

We were all awakened early by the bright sun and
striving to be the first to “Wish a happy New Year”.
I had fatigued myself the day previous
and did not feel very strong. My nervous system,
too much excited, for my physical strength.
Garret assisted me in prepareing my cake tables
which were very beautifull.
I had three large seed cakes and a beautifully
ornamented plumb cake, besides a great variety of

of [repeated word] small cakes
I dressed Julie, in her faun merino, with pink
cheneal around her head, she looked very sweet.
My costume, was similar to last year; the same
dress, but no cap. Tight sleeves of course, trimmed
with Fringe.
We had about twenty calls; Mr. Anelli, was our
first visitor, he came in loaded with presents
for the children. An Engine for Louis, dog, and
carriage for Remsen, and a beautifull tete a tete set
of French china for Sis.
Ferdinand presented me “Mrs Hamiltons letters, on
education” they were pretty little volumes.
Garret, presented Julie her bible, and each of our
boys a book.
Mr Hasbrouck, made a few calls, looked remark
ably well, and appeared very happy.
I gave Bridget, and Ann their gifts, dark
calico dresses, and worked collars.
Mrs Remsen, and Mr Priestly spent the eve
ning with us. The day passed off very pleas-

antly, but I did not get any present from “mon
marie.” This was something strange as he
always gives me something on this occasion.

We retired to bed early thankfull to have spent
so happy a “New Year”
Julie presented her Aunt Cate a plush shawl;
and her Aunt Maria, a worked collar.