Wennesday [sic] 12.th. January. 1842.

The weather mild; sky clear. Snow melting
off, which makes the streets muddy and damp.

I was surprised by an early call from Mrs
Dr. Anderson, her object was to solicit my subsump-
tion to make up a sum sufficient to purchase
a gown for our new clergyman, “Mr. Fisher”
She sat an hour with me.
I walked up to Broadway, for exercise, found
the streets very wet.
Mrs. May, paid me a visit; both ladies pro-
fessed great admiration of our pictures [the portraits]

Dr. Anderson called, and with him Mr. Fisher,
They sat an hour, Mr F, is agreable, but very
Mr Hasbrouck, looked over the house in Varick Street
Mrs. Stout, showed it to him.
Subsumption: incorporating something under a more general category.