Saturday. 15. th. January. 1842.

A clear, fine winters day, not cold enough
to be healthy.

I felt a little nervous this morning, fancied,
I had exposed myself to a fresh cold.
A glass of port wine cured me.
Dressed, and went with “mon mari”, to settle all
my bills. Paid Pigot 5 shillings for pins & card case.
Mrs Sayers Cake Bill “eight dollars” Fifty-six cents.
Julie’s shoes Middletons twelve shillings.
Garret gallanted me to Canal Street.
I sent “two dollars” to Mrs. Anderson, but I
must say it was not with a cheerfull heart.
It would have pleased me better to have bestowed
it on others, more in want than “Mr Fisher”.
After dinner I went up town with G. to inspect
houses, they are all too grand for me. The [mood]
was disagreeable. Met Mrs. Purdy.