Monday. 17 teenth. January. 1842.

Mild, and damp; sun shining rather
treacherously, through the misty clouds.

I sat down to write my daily accounts.
A barrel of wheat flour came home on Saturday
Garret gave me two dollars to pay for Remsens shoes.
I returned a pair of morocco boots to Miller, made
for “Sis” Ordered a pair for her at “Middeltons”
Walked up town with Garret in the afternoon,
to see some houses. The streets muddy, Indian
Rubbers nesscessary [sic]. Met the Miss Onderdonks
two pretty girls.
Took a fine survey of the corner house in Hous.
ton Street; think it can be made very pleasant.
Mr H will have to put it in order, as he dis
likes a dirty house. We agree admirably in this
respect, I like to see every thing like wax. work.