Tuesday. 18. January. 1842.

A lovely, warm day, singular weather for

At twelve Julie, and I set out for a walk, we found
Canal Street, and Broadway dry. The streets thronged
with people enjoying the warm sunshine, among
the most beautifull objects, were groups of children
in their fancifull costumes sauntering along, in
all the joyousness of youth.
We stopped in to see Mrs Anelli, sat with her an
hour, she received us in French style, very kindly,
and looked quite pretty. Mr A. left us to go down
to the battery. He spoke of the childrens picture.
We continued our walk up town, and then returned
home. This unnatural weather always weakens
my frame, and gives me a back.ache.
After dinner I went to look at some beautifull
houses in “Fourth Street.” but like Houston street
house better, in point of situation; Garret was with me.