Wenesday [sic] 19 January. 1842.

A singularly warm day, mild as May.

After finishing my mornings work. I dressed my .
self and children for a ride. At eleven our Cab
came for us, and we jumped in Louis, and Julie, both
looking sweet in the velvet coats. We spent a
few moments with Anna, but her boys and mine
to.gether made so much noise, and her room was
so disordered, my visit was not very satisfactory.
I was provoked at her bad housekeeping, as cleanle
ness costs nothing. We made a pleasant visit at
Mrs Rhinds, saw Susan; from there rode over to mothers.
As usual, there was one on the sick list, I may
say two, as both mother, and Henry were invalids.
Henry, had fainted away in the morning, and
mother, was suffering from “Erysipelas.” I sat untill
two oclock, and then returned home. The children
behave very well; although Louis, came near getting
his hand pinched in the door. Julie’s sore lip…

is getting much better. Our Cab hire, amounted
to 18. shillings. I have at last accomplished
these visits, they will last me one year, at
least. I met “Sterry” [Julia’s brother] at mothers, he looks
thin, but bright. Catharine would not accept
my invitation to ride, she could not leave her
invalids. Gave the children “Maple Sugar,” and
me a doughnut, mixed with acid instead of
yeast. They are not as light, or fine, to my taste.
We were all glad to get home; I always feel
guilty of extravagance, when I take these rides.

Mr H. had been to look at my favorite house
with Vandervort, he thinks it worth the money.
Garret, seems bent on purchaseing it.
The neighborhood is convenient, and pleasant.

Had my honey strained to.day, a stone jar.
half full. My sweets are accumulating fast.
We do not eat many of these things.

Erysipelas: once called “Saint Anthony Fire” – It is an acute infection of the upper dermis and superficial lymphatics, usually caused by streptococcus bacteria. Symptoms including high fevers, shaking, chills, fatigue, headaches, vomiting, and general illness within 48 hours of the initial infection. The erythematous skin lesion enlarges rapidly and has a sharply demarcated raised edge. It appears as a red, swollen, warm, hardened and painful rash, similar in consistency to an orange peel. For more see Wikipedia.