Thursday. January. 1842.

The sun rose as bright and beautifull as in the
month of May, and quite as mild also.

I commenced sweeping, dusting, and working
around, this fine lovely morning. Washed all the
looking glasses, above and below stairs.
Simon swept all the house up stairs, and below,
he is worth a dozen girls, about house.
At eleven I dressed; and sat down to mend
a coat of Louis, it took me all the morning;
Louis, sat with me playing on the floor with his
Julie, and Remsen, walked out.
I did not receive a single call; altho prepared.
Garret, attended an auction sale of houses, did
not purchase one.
I am bent on the one in Houston Street. The situation
is so convenient.
for the afternoon I went with Garret to Hammond
Street, saw some elegant houses, but do not like
the distance from Broadway.
The air was damp, and streets a river of mud,
many think the frost is comeing out of the pond.
We met Maria Onderdonk, again, she will think me
a great street walker.
My throat felt a little sore.
Garret, complains of old age in this open
weather, it affects every one in some degree.
His appetite is most excellent at dinner.

Julie’s mouth getting well.
Garret, tells me I am too extravagant with her
shoes, and must get them made of stouter
materials, they exhaust his patience, and pockets
at the same time.

It commenced raining at two oclock at night.
Garret, read the preface to Scotts, “Commentaries”