Friday. January. 1842.

A day of showers, and high winds.
Not much rain falls.

We arose at our usual hour, had breakfast at
eight oclock. Our buckwheat cakes, delightfull,
they are a great temptation to my weak nerves,
Julie, will not give them up.
Simon, washing all our windows.
I mended G.S. pantaloons, they are troublesome
things, those straps, and buttons, always tearing
to pieces.
Wrote a note to C. to inquire after Henry, sent a
piece of cake to mother; Almond, and Washington.

Whipped Remsen this morning for the first time
he was a naughty boy. and deserved it.

Took a long walk up town with Garret, after
dinner. Saw for the first Mr Eastburns Church,
also “Dr [Shimmees].” They are both beautifully situated.
This part of our city, is elegantly built up so
many elegant private houses.
I met Mrs Van Nest in “eight street,” and saw my
old friend Mrs Hubbell, sitting at a window in a fine
establishment in “Clinton Place.” I felt quite jealous
at seeing them both living in such style, but
the feeling was only momentary.
I told G not to speak of a house, untill these
impressions had faded from my memory
in a jokeing way to be sure.