Saturday. 22.nd. January. 1842.

A fine, clear cold winters day.

Catharine, came down to see me after breakfast, and
sat an hour. I promised to ride up after dinner
to meet Bell, but did not accomplish my jaunt.
Dressed Sis, to spend the day with Mrs
Anelli, she was delighted to go.
Remsen, gave us all afright by locking himself
up alone in the nursery. Simon attempted to
scale the walls, and get in at the back window,
but could not succeed. I went to the key.hole
and persuaded Remsen to put in the key; and
turn it, which he did, to our great relief.
After sending Julie off, I dressed for a
promenade, found it cold, and windy. Lost
a Tassel from my “Blue Mantilla”.
We dined on potatoes, and bread, our corn beef
being all fat.