Monday. 24.th. January. 1842.

A fine cold day, clear as glass.

We all awoke to our breakfast in health, and our
buckwheat cakes, were so tempting, I could not
resist eating two of them. With honey they are
After breakfast I settled my housekeeping affairs,
and was at a loss how to spend my morning.
Whether to sit at home at my sewing, or go out for
exercise, and fresh air. I decided the latter, and
dressed myself in my satin coat over my dress,
so that I did not feel the cold.
Stopped at Middetons for Julie’s shoes, but they
were unfinished. Met Miss Remsen, and
came so near in contact as to be obliged to join
her, she was very clever, and sociable.
Mr Louchard, met us, spoke to her, but did not
remember me. He was once a great admirer of

mine, but years, a wife, and five children, have dimmed
his organs of perception. His appearance is the
same, but less prepossessing than ever.
I returned home through Houston Street.
Sent Louis to walk, Julie did not wish to go out
she fears the cold.
Mrs Anelli, sent her servant, with Julie’s bag,
full of prunes, which she left on Saturday last.

I did not go out after dinner, it was very cold
Missed a tea spoon this morning, cannot find
it, and fear it has be thrown out in the dish
water. This is a great trial to my patience.

Spent the evening with Julie, at eight Garret
came up with the news papers.
I felt very sleepy, the cold weather, and hot fire
produce this affect.
Garret, told me to go to bed, but I did not obey
orders, and remained up to some purpose.
Garret, commence takeing an “account of stock.”