jan 25Tuesday. 25.th. January. 1842.

A cold day, and appearance of snow in the clouds.

I felt well, and set off at eleven oclock, for
Isabella’s. Rode down, and found her at home, sat two hours chatting with her, she is quite well and agreable as usual. On my return I perceived a great change in the weather, and was thankfull to get home.
The streets were not much crowded, indeed Broadway looked dull. I purchased three yds pink ribbon, 12 cts.
We dined on ham, it is not good for me, but hunger made me dine too heartily.
My complexion is a great source of trouble always some new trouble, dieting is a bitter pill.
I often wish, for the “Waters of Lethe ” to obliterate
this disfigurement, but in vain.
Waters of Lethe: refers to one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. Lethe, being the river of forgetfulness.