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jan 26Wednesday. 26.th. January. 1842.

A beautifull clear day, very moderate.
The snow storm did not come, which yesterday promised us, but a bright clear sun, shone in my lazy face this morning.
I did not walk out in the morning, sent the boys. Julie’s thick shoes, came home at last.
We had an early dinner. I had a long talk
with Ann, on her approaching wedding; she seems to think it her destiny. Should like to giver her a few articles towards housekeeping, but have nothing
in my power.
Sis, walked out with me in the afternoon, we met “Major Erving”, he did not see us. I recognized several young married ladies, whom a few years had metamorphosed.
Bought a corset lace, and some lace to trim Julie’s pillow.cases.
Priced a horse hair buster, five shillings…
Spent my evening alone from eight oclockjan 26 part 2
Julie, reads her “bible” an hour, before she retires
I was much pleased with the Life of
“Maria Theresa” Empress of Germany, she was truly an uncommon woman.
Her descendants are still numerous.
The wife of Louis Phillipe, is her grandaughter, “Marie Amelie” and the widow of “Napoleon”, her great grandaughter.
My republican head will not retain, the rank,
and position of the illustrious potentates of
We have beautifull moon light nights, but I have not been out to enjoy them, once this winter.
Garret, engaged untill ten oclock in the store
takeing account of stock.

The house in Varick Street sold, I regret it, now
it is too late.