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jan 28Friday. 28.th. January. 1842.

A lovely, mild day, like spring.


Charles Dickens

I attended to my affairs around the house. Did not look, or feel very well. Sent the children to walk, Julie, met two beaux Dr Anderson, and Dr Fisher. I dressed for a walk, and just as I was comeing
down stairs, met mother, and Maria. They spent the day with me. Mother, looks very pretty, and well. Maria, and I went down Broadway. I paid Middleton, fourteen shillings for Julie’s thick soled shoes.
Sent in the store for “six shillings.” Bought three shillings worth of oysters. We had a fine dinner, they please mother’s taste better than any thing, I could choose.Our walk was delightfull, met Rebecca Champlin, and had a talk with her, on “Matrimony.”

She is quite original on this subject. At four oclock mother left; I sent a large piece of honey cake to pa. Ann, baked four pans of honey cake to.day.

My complexion looks very bad, and feels uncomfortable. I do not know whether to get some of “Brandreths” pills , or not. A course of physic would no doubt be beneficial to my health, but Garret, will not listen to my remedies.  Nothing is more mortifying than to be disfigured by pimples.

Spent, my evening alone, Garret in the store untill ten oclock. The moon shone beautifully to night.

Mr Dickens, the celebrated “Boz”, has arrived on our shores, and is received with great attention.
Only 30 years old upon his first visit to America, Dickens was already internationally famous as the author of “The Pickwick Papers” and “Oliver Twist.” People called him “Boz” after his early pen name.