feb 1-1February
Februrary. 1.st. 1842. Tuesday.

A charming bright day mild, but not depressing. The air light and pure.

A new month begins; the last of the winter appears nearer, and spring will soon arrive.
We arose rather earlier this morning, all in good health, and spirits. How mercifull is
that Heavenly parent, who watches over us in the unguarded hours of sleep, and brings us around our morning meal in health, and happiness.

After Julie had finished her lessons, we set out forfeb 1-2
a walk, went up to “Varick Place” to see Mrs Miller. Sat an half hour with her, then proceed to Broadway and returned home. Julie, complained of the cold as usual; the wind blew fresh, and strong, but was not cold. We dined on soup, Garret had been looking for a stove all the morning, he was fatigued and had not found one to suit.

After dinner I was surprised by a visit from Catharine, Maria, and Miss Schoolcraft. They took tea with us. The children were delighted with company and romped around like little kittens. David [Julia’s younger brother]; came for them at eight oclock; he looks uncommonly well.
I met with a terrible disappointment to night, Garret can interpret the mystery.
Thought of going to the [Raineas] Concert, but G. did not feel agreable to my wishes.
A beautifull clear evening, stars more brilliant then usual. The fine weather, so uncommon at this season, f___s a topic of conversation to everyone. We are all wondering at the mild bright sun.shine which is already warming into existence, the withered plants, and flowers of last season.