feb 2Wednesday. 2 nd. February. 1842.

A clear sky, and pure atmosphere neither warm, nor cold.

The bell rang at seven oclock this morning a half hour earlier than usual. We were all up earlier in consequence of this cold. When I awoke my throat felt inflamed, and sore, my palate was down on my tongue. Garret, paid me some round-a-bout compliments at the breakfast table. They did not suit me exactly, so I will not record them, but think of ^them sometimes, to keep in subjection my own ideas on the same subject. G left one dollar for “Ann Shanly” who leaves us to.day. She remained two days over her month to finish her wash. I have sent the children to walk, but do not go out myself, on account of my throat.

Passed the morning alone sewing on a pair of pantfeb 2 2
aloons for Louis; no company, or calls to.day. “Ann Shanly” bid good-bye to.night; she left with great regret, judging from her looks. She has lived with us two years, and four months has many good qualities, but cannot be called obliging or pleasant in her disposition. Drank lemon.aide sweetened with honey for my cold. It inspired me to some improvement.
Read a tract by “Dr B__les,” called the “Spoiled Law” Went to bed at our usual hour half past ten.