pg 27Friday February 1842

Raining incessantly; very mild, clouds light, like summer.

My throat better but my head feels very heavy, and chest still delicate. A cold in the head is the most disagreable companion, but not so dangerous as an infection of the lungs.
Simon, bakes cakes, makes coffee, and cooks equal to Ann, besides doing it all so pleasantly. He does his own work, and hers also, and had leisure besides. She was never a favorite in the family; and I am thankfull to get her off. Sewing all day on Louis pantaloons, a headache makes me thrown them down at intervals. Garret, in pursuit of a house, and stove; both difficult to find. I hope he will succeed in pleasing his own taste, it is usually so correct. The clouds appear to be breaking away; how pg 28
much like a May rain.

A fire seems quite oppressive, at least to my feelings. Our dear little ones all well, romping around their nursery room; this is a great blessing from God our father; a mercy which should fill out hearts daily with gratitude and prayer.

I felt almost sick enough for bed, could with difficulty keep up my head. Took hot Lemon.aide and honey. Raining to.night in heavy showers.