pg 28Saturday. 5.th. February. 1842.

Clouds blowing over, the sun shining brightly at intervals. Still mild, but pure air.

I slept soundly all night, but found my cold still with me on awakening in the morning. Took two “Seidlets powders,” to begin with, had no appetite for breakfast. My chest still sore. Garret, wished me to lie in bed but I could not give up. Pulled a tooth for Julie, after breakfast, she was willing to have it out; it is her second tooth, the loss disfigured her much. Sent her up to her grandmothers, to spend the day. She was delighted to go. Sent “Stephen’s Travels” to Catharine to read; returned a book she lent me. the high wind makes it almost impossible to walk, I am afraid to send out the Boys.

Abraham, bought crackers to.day 7lbs. Simon gets on finally in his work I am delighted to get rid of Ann. Have a great deal of business on hand to.day. Finishing Louis pantaloons. David paid me a short call, looks very handsome in dress. I look shocking, my cold disfigured me sadly.

Garret hired a store to.day Corner of Liberty and Williams Streets.pg 29

Simon took up Julie’s night cloths, and velvet tunic. She wants to remains a few days with her grandmother; it is such a great pleasure to both, that I cannot deny their request. Her absence is a great relief to me, when my chest is delicate, as she demands constant attention.
“A dream, but t’was not all a dream of other days.