pg 32Friday. 11 th. February. 1842.

The sun arose behind a thick mist, which cleared away as ten oclock. The air was mild as spring.

I jumped up at my usual hour, the dull atmosphere oppressed me, and made my cold seem worse. Garret, said in a joke I was a “gone case”, and I thought how many true words are spoken in jest. My days, I often think, will be few, as my frame is so delicate, and lungs so easily affected. I sat with the children untill twelve oclock.
Bridget was ironing, and Simon out.
At twelve went with Garret house hunting.
We went over several houses, but concluded
to take the one in Van dam Street. Our pictures
will suit them better, than any other place.
Returned home to dinner.

Simon cooked, he makes out very
well. My appetite begins to be much better
than it has been for the past 33

Mr Hasbrouck, went around and hired the house in Van Dam Street. The landlord promises to put it in order. We are both very much pleased with our bargain.
The air is damp to night, rain approaches.