pg 37Wednesday. 16. February. 1842.

A complete storm of rain, wind, and sleet. Not cold, mild as spring.

We arose rather late this dark morning. I spent my morning in the nursery, while Bridget washed the childrens clothes.
Do not find much time for sewing, in their society, they are all so mischievous.
Remsen’s cold in his head troublesome to him.
We can sympathize together, as my head is
very much affected.
I shall be delighted to leave my little dark
parlours, and am fearfull my anticipations are
too sanguine, and worldly, Fringing napkins to.day.
A Brandeth to night.
The wind blows a hurricane to night, and will
cause great damage no doubt, on the water.
It is extremely cold; ice in the gutters.