Thursday. 17. February. 37

Very cold, and blustering. Another great change
since yesterday morning.

I did not attempt to go out, as the wind would have carried me off. Employed myself within
doors as well as I could read, sewed, played with the children, and waited on my nose, my cold
getting better, breast not so delicate as it has been,
still I am fearfull of any exertion.
Julie, rather at a loss how to improve her time.
She is willing to learn; if I would take the pains
to teach her. but my cold makes me feeble.
Both Louis and herself are very intelligent chil-
dren, and easily taught, their memory is very
Remsen, has learnt three letter, and could be
made a prodigy, he is so fond of his books.
Took a Brandeth to night.