pg 38Greenwich Street. New York.
Friday. 18.teenth February. 1842.

A cold, winters day, clouds rather inauspicious for a promenade.

This is remarkable for an event very interesting to me, my birth.day, Thirty.three years ago I became a “liveing soul” an accountable being, a mysterious combination of spirit, and body. The time passed on looking back seems short, but a voice whispers within me, it is longer than the years which are to come.
Garret, forgets my age, and the whipping he always give me for being so old.
My cold better today, “Dr Brandeth, made
me faint, and gave me great pain this morning
I could not conceal it from Garret, but was
obliged to confess all. He scolded me of course.
At twelve oclock, the sun shone out rather
mildly and I dressed for a walk, Garret went

with me. We took our usual promenade through
Hudson Street, Broadway, and Canal. Met Mrs [Irving]
she did not see us; but few ladies walking to.day
I enjoyed the air, and exercise, haveing been shut
up some days past.
Went in the store to get some articles. 1 yd. Lace for
Caps. 1 piece pink ribbon, ½ yd. Bishops lawn.
Louis spends half his time in the store, busi-
ness is so dull, his company is not troublesome
just now.
Bridget, went to a funeral this afternoon, I
took care of the children. Remsen getting more
willfull, and knowing every succeeding hour, he
opens all the doors, and is no longer satisfied
in his nursery.
I made Julie, a red satin bonnet for her doll.
Finished a double frill for Louis.
G. and I drank a bottle of porter between us, to
make us fat, and sleepy. I slept soundly
all night, but coughed early in the morning.