pg 40Sunday. February. 1842.

A variable day, clear in the morning, overcast at noon, and bright in the evening.

I arose this morning, much better of my cold, Remsen has also improved. Garret went with me to Church, our walk was very pleasant.
Mr Fisher, gave us a fine discourse, with one
exception, that was speaking too much of him-
self. “ I am not ashamed to preach the gospel
of “Jesus Christ”, the words of St Paul, was his
text. He addressed the officers of the church
and congregation, in an impressive manner,
and spoke very eloquently on the reciprocal duties
of pastor, and people.
Garret, did not appreciate the motions of the man
and was not as much pleased as I hoped
he would have been. The church was well

filled in the morning. I went alone in the
afternoon, and was disappointed in hearing
old Dr Proudfoot. The air was damp, makeing
me feel uneasy, lest rain or snow might over-
take me in my walk home.

Garret, wrote letters in the evening.
I read, “Abbotts young christian”, a most excellent
book for the new beginner.