pg 42Wednesday. 23. February. 1842.

A changeable spring day.

We arose early, Mr H. expecting his cartman to move his goods. The store was in confusion, moveing is a melancholy piece of business, say what you please, I felt sad all day. The thought of leaving our certainty, for an uncertainty is somewhat depressing. But Garret, thinks it for the best, and I hope it may prove so.
I attended to Simons work, and went around as brisk as a bee. Wrote a note to Mrs Lee to engage her for Mrs Remsen. Walked out at twelve oclock, spent an hour with “Mrs Rhodes” she makes a domestic wife.
The heat of her fire, burnt my cheeks crimson. Met Mrs Mauran, in Broadway; was hurt by Mrs Hammesly’s stare; knowing the reason…

Had an early dinner. Mrs Grey, called overpg 43
she told me “Susan Van Sandvort had a son. Borrowed a coat for a pattern. She moves to Houston street; does not like the idea. This is indeed a changeing world, no permanent home, and we are but journeying on to our final rest either in happiness or despair. I took charge of the children, and sent a
note to Mrs Lee. Bridget found her at home.
My children difficult to manage, but I feel myself to blame, and must reform my own indolent disposition; or they will be ruined.