pg 45 New York.
Friday. February. 1842.

An unpleasant, cold day. Blustering and chageable.

The children all affected with colds, their father forbid their going out I employed myself putting the house in order; Simon gone to the new store. At twelve I went down to Mr Tenny’s for
my bracelet paid him two shillings for mending. The streets rather deserted, dust blowing in hurricanes. I stopped at Pigots for my card.
case, found it finished.
Came home, and dressed for dinner.
Remsen, fell and cut his forehead, he did
not mind it much.
Garret, looks pale with his cold, it is in his
head. The walk up, and down from his store,
will fatigue him at first.
I commenced studying the “Gospel of St Matthew”
this afternoon. Reading, alone will not impress
the mind forcibly with these important truths.
and I must pursue the plan recommended
by Mr Abbot. The pen, is our invaluable assistance,
in storeing the memory, and forming the un-

Garret, and I sat alone all the evening, he read.
ing the papers, and looking over his accounts,
while I wandering in thoughts, altho stationary
in body, pursued my double avocation.
Making a collar for Louis, employing my