pg 47
Monday. 28.th. February. 1842

A mild spring sun.shine.

After my morning avocations are finished, I usually begin to think of a walk and the thought of putting on my heavy satin cloak”, almost discourages me. The fear of a fresh cold soon determines me to wear it a few weeks longer.
I walked up to “Abbington Square”, and sat an
half hour with Miss M. Onderdonk. She looked
so sleek, fat and fine, I really envied her, her
appearance, but nothing beyond this.
Stopped at Mr Van Nest’s, not at home.
The morning was so fine I took a circuitous
ramble home.
Sent the boys to walk out. Julie, did not
wish to leave her Aunt Maria, who came in to
dinner looking pale and thin.
Garret, came home early. Our soup was not

not [repeated word] rich enough to please “mon mari”.
Maria, and I thought it tolerable.
I wished to have walked out after dinner,
but could not leave M, so my time was
not profitably spent. unless rubbing two
pair gloves, might be considered so.

Garret, goes to Jersey, to.morrow. He thinks
business very dull, and we must practice the
strictest economy in our affairs. I can see im.
mediately when he is cast down, so that my
mind is not kept in suspense as to the
cause. This is a pleasure to me, as I wish
always to know the state of his affairs, to regu
late my ideas accordingly.
We retired earlier than usual to bed.

I mended G.s coat and pants, this morning
before breakfast.
The end of my nose, very troublesome.
Thus ends the winter months of 1842.