pg 48 525 Greenwich St. New.York.
Tuesday. 1.st. of March. 1842.

Uncertain spring weather sometimes dull, and sometimes clear.

Mr H. left me this morning at daylight. We passed a restless night, fearing to over sleep
ourselves. Julie, was awake before light.
I breakfasted at the usual hour, the cakes
were so fine I eat three, altho my face is
dead against this indulgence.

Diana, came to wash.
After dinner, I dressed and went up to mothers,
had some difficulty in getting a stage, all full
at that hour. Found Cath. sick with a cold, altho
she made herself agreable, Henry still in his room.
Isabella, and Ferdinand came in soon after I ar-
rived so I concluded to take off my cloak, also.
We spent a pleasant evening, the Miss Hornblowers

came in, but no beaux were attracted by the con course of belles.
Simon, came up for me, I returned at nine.pg 49
Ferdinand, and Bell rode part way home with me. The streets were wet, and clouds raining.

The children all in bed and asleep. I felt very lonely, the house so still, and disconsolate.

I heard the death of Mrs Gilman to.day. What a heart rending lost to her husband, and what a warning to those who are left.
Herself, and two children cut off by the scarlet fever, brought to them in the clothes of
Dr Gilman the bereaved husband, and parent.